Our clients are wealthy but often hold concentrated positions in illiquid private stock and investment vehicles. They seek to make additional equity investments to stimulate growth, fund diversifying acquisitions or buy out partners.

  • They include individual entrepreneurs, family offices, and independent private equity sponsors.
  • Typically, they borrow against illiquid assets in their portfolios – often existing equity investments in private companies – to finance incremental investment in those or other vehicles. Private Investor Growth Capital Case
  • Also, they borrow from NYPF to finance the buy-out of partners or co-investors. Partner Buy-Out Case
  • Independent sponsors work with NYPF to lever their equity in an existing portfolio of PE investments and thereby fund equity contributions to new deals. Private Equity Commitments Case
  • NYPF is a resource for middle-market financial advisors and lawyers seeking funding for illiquid clients to enable them to close deals. Middle Market Acquisition Financing Case

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