The basic message is this: New York Private Finance is in the business of helping our clients grow their wealth, and we adjust and expand our structured loan facilities to enable them to do just that.

Enabling Ongoing Investment: Recently, New York Private Finance structured a second increase to a loan facility initially arranged over three years ago.  Our client is an Independent Sponsor with a number of portfolio companies, who wanted to increase the rate at which he made new investments as well as the amount of each company he controlled.  Initially, we set up a draw-down facility for slightly less than $10 million.  Subsequently, and in connection with additions to his portfolio, we have increased the facility twice to an amount almost double the original facility.  By borrowing from New York Private Finance, our client has been able to continue his investing activity, while postponing liquidity events until his portfolio companies have matured to the optimal stage to take money off the table.

Periodic Facility Increases Support Growth: This is not an unusual pattern for our clients. Other examples include a high tech entrepreneur who began with a $5 million facility, which has now grown to triple that amount, as well as three real estate development partners, who began with a $10 million facility that nearly doubled over time.  In every case, periodic increases to their loan facilities have enabled our clients to achieve substantial increases in their personal net worth.

Modest Leverage, Increased Wealth: Our clients are middle market entrepreneurs who are keen to increase their wealth and see a modest amount of personal leverage as a way to accelerate that increase.  A typical story is similar to the ones outlined above.  A client requests an initial loan of $5 million to $10 million. As new investment opportunities present themselves, our client may request increases in the loan facility commensurate with the growth in his wealth and the opportunity set presented to him.  Although the initial facility does not require us to do so, New York Private Finance is willing to support our clients’ growth and works to find appropriate ways to lend additional funds to facilitate their continuing wealth-building activities.

Let us help you grow.