The Conundrum: For many individual investors and entrepreneurs in the venture capital and private equity arena, liquidity can often be an ongoing issue. IPO’s are tending to be pushed further and further out in the horizon, and companies increasingly tap private markets and existing stakeholders for capital. As a result, many individual investors find that… Learn More

Potential for Increased Returns: It is not news that the Federal Reserve has moved from a stimulative to at least a neutral position, and the prospect of a gradual rise in rates is fairly certain. That said, most analysts acknowledge that in the early stages of tightening, as the economy strengthens, investment continues to rise… Learn More

Solving Complex Problems: The unique structure offered by New York Private Finance has helped our clients solve complex problems that would have otherwise been left unsolved by traditional capital sources.  In one notable case, our client, the owner and operator of a landfill management business, had just received debt funding to pursue an acquisition/roll-up strategy.… Learn More

Bigger Dreams: Most middle market entrepreneurs have bigger dreams than traditional sources of capital are willing to finance.  Rumors have it that Goldman Sachs is now targeting the middle market as source of incremental growth for its banking business, but that alone is not going to solve the problem.  Regulatory changes in recent years have… Learn More